Results In 28 Days Challenge/Get Your Transformation In The Next 28 Days

Have you ever faced a challenge in your lifetime or even now as we speak on losing belly fat? Belly fat is my biggest issue right now and it just may be yours too. There use to be plenty of times where I would find myself facing many challenges on a day to day basis wondering when and if I am going to ever lose my belly fat. I know this may sound weird but I actually have grown to like challenges revolving around losing my belly fat.

It helps me work harder at what I am trying to accomplish and gives me faster results in a given time frame. For instance, one challenge I like most and what I am doing right now is working on losing my belly fat before six months is up. This is a goal I have set for myself. 

I like to test my inner strengths and weakness to see what I can do, how I can do it, and will I accomplish it when it’s all said and done. This is superior motivation for me and I actually end up surprising myself and accomplishing a whole lot more than what I set in for.

I must say so far so good when you have so much motivation behind it all.  Challenging myself has become one of my greatest achievements and I would like to help you get better acquainted with challenging yourself as well. It’s the greatest feeling you can ever have knowing you mastered something. Keep following along with me and you’ll see exactly where I am coming from. 

What Are The Benefits Of Challenging Yourself And Overcoming Any Obstacle…

We all have been down a road at some point where we feel or felt like we couldn’t or can’t accomplish certain things that we set out to do. The things we do feel like we can challenge we end up failing at it. Have this ever happen to you? I have been down that road plenty of times being on this journey losing my belly fat.

My post pregnancy belly was a big obstacle for me.  When I tell you I tried just about everything, I really did. I always ended up starting it and then quitting and never was able to accomplish my goal. This is why I have decided to challenge myself. Challenging yourself can be pretty exciting and also rewarding in a lot of ways. This is a really good way to tell how capable you are and how bad enough you really want to lose your belly fat or not.

For some reason I couldn’t build my confidence level up and allow myself more time to see things progress and to find a solution to it all before challenging myself. If it didn’t magically appear after one try I had no more interest in it (silly but true). For one thing, I lacked patience and consistency. Patience and consistency is key ingredients to succeeding in anything you’re trying to do. After constant failure and being discouraged about my weight gain, I finally decided to push myself even harder. This is another real challenge I had to constantly keep reminding myself of:

  1. Set Goals And Stick To It
  2. Stay Determined
  3. Never Give Up
  4. Implement New Challenges When One Doesn’t Work

You’re Next! Can You Challenge Yourself?

I have an open Facebook group for girl talk and my main question I get from many of the women their is basically questions on losing belly fat, what to drink to lose belly fat, what exercise is best for losing belly fat, and so forth. Yes there are so many answers to those questions but why not think outside the box applying the four benefits to challenging yourself and overcoming any obstacle. How serious are you about losing belly fat?  Also, ask yourself this question. Are you willing to take a REAL CHALLENGE for  yourself and get REAL RESULTS rather trying out things that may or may not fit your needs or help you get results? 

Learn How To Shred Your Belly Fat In The Next 28 Days…

It’s time for change at some point in life. Not many people are familiar with a lot of techniques to melt away belly fat. This is why I am here at your side to inform you and guide you through to losing your belly fat in no time. Whether you’re a newbie or have been on this kind of journey for a while, you can be apart of this challenge. I would like to introduce you to a challenge that I attend that targets everything from your core to your entire body RI28 (results in 28 days). A gym doesn’t compare to what this challenge can do for you in the next 28 days (no equipment required). Are you ready for a real transformation? You’re going to get it here without a doubt.

What Is RI28?

RI28 is on a mission to help anyone who need help losing weight. To your left is Gee aka Mr.28 Days is the creator of the RI28 program, Jason is Arguably the most sought after trainer in Atlanta, and Joseline aka the Puerto Rican Princess, is a multi talented superstar. What this challenge can do for you is unbelieveable. RI28 has made an positive effect on thousands of peoples lives and have testimonies that no other challenge or workout program can compare to. This program is very effective, cheap, and ready for signups to help transform them as an individual at the next available challenge that’s up for grabs. Here a more detailed look into RI28 Challenge:

RI28 May 2018 (Regular & Beginners)

Your account will contain all the detailed information below:
-Instructional videos for all exercises 
-Workout schedule and guide
-Realistic clean eating grocery
-Realistic clean eating meal guide for all lifestyles.

*This is an interval training program, along with core, ab, and total body exercises, allowing you to burn fat and tone up in the most efficient manner!* You’ll have access to your program for up to 35 days!

There’s a NEW challenge every month!


No equipment is necessary, you can take the challenge in the gym or in the comfort of your own home! Once you join the challenge, make sure you check your email regularly as we will send you a invite Facebook Support group! BOOK NOW the results are waiting for you!

RI28 Lower Body Blast May

This is OUR NEW  Lower Body Blast online training program! This program will help you tighten, tone, lift, and firm your lower body, and glutes from the comfort of your home! YOU CAN DO THIS PROGRAM ALONG WITH OUR REGULAR RI28 CHALLENGE

Your account will contain your meal guides, stretching guide, and workout videos!

Your account will contain all the detailed information below:
-Instructional videos for all exercises
-Workout schedule and guide
-Realistic clean eating grocery
-Realistic clean eating meal guide for all lifestyles.
!* You’ll have access to your program for up to 35 days!
No equipment is necessary, you can take the challenge in the gym or in the comfort of your own home!


OMG! Look At The Results From This 28 Day Challenge


Try Out RI28 Detox Tea For Maximum Results

RI28 offers detox tea full of natural herbs and botanicals (NO CAFFEINE). The ingredients is as follows: ​

  • Senna
  • Marshmallow Root
  • Eleuthero Root
  • Papaya Leaf
  • ​Chrysanthemum Flower
  • Spearmint Leaf
  • Cinnamon

Detox Tea Benefits:

  • Fat loss
  • Eliminate impurities
  • Cleanse your body
  • Target waistline

Are You Ready To Have Your Picture Taken? 

Next Challenge Coming Up May 21st  






5 thoughts on “Results In 28 Days Challenge/Get Your Transformation In The Next 28 Days

  1. Hello Courtney,
    Thanks for sharing this article and giving me encouragement and support. I agree with your strategy in setting goals, staying determined, not giving up, and creating new challenges when one fails. All of these are very important when trying to lose weight and get fit.

    I’ve never heard of the RI28. For the one time fee of $39.97, does it only include the 35 day challenge? So each new challenge will be another 39.95? This is a little expensive for me right now. Are there discounts for on going customers?


    1. Hello! For the one time of 39.97, you’ll not only get access to the challenge but also: 

      -Instructional videos for all exercises

      -Workout schedule and guide

      -Realistic clean eating grocery

      -Realistic clean eating meal guide for all lifestyles 

      Yes! You’ll have access to all of the above including the challenge for 35 days. Every month is a new challenge for  another one time fee. There are no discounts for ongoing customers because you attend the challenge as you need or if you want to. I understand the finance part. I really do but here is the key to it. Let me share this with you right quick. The 28 day challenge is all you need if you follow the above steps and work the challenge. The transformations are REAL. With consistency, you should most likely see results in 28 days and not need the challenge again unless it’s by choice. I have been attending this challenge every month because I stay busy a lot. I have 5 kids so I like to keep it handy so that when I have a break I can workout.I feeI so great after the challenge. I most definetly wouldn’t try to become an ongoing member until at least trying it out for 28 days. Who knows! This one time could get you the results you’re looking for. If you decide to try it, feel free to email me and let me know your outcome at

      1. Thanks so much for the fast response. I’ll take all of this information into consideration. It sounds like a really great challenge program and one I know I can stick to. I will try to budget it into to my next paycheck.
        Have a great day!

  2. Dear Courtney,

    I think it is pretty cool that RI28 has a facebook support group! I think the issue with most of these programs is that there is very little connection between the trainers and the trainees.

    The RI28 challenge however seems different in that aspect! I have a friend who is desperately looking for “something that works”. I will definitely show him this post!

    All the best,

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