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Do any of you know Jillian Michaels? Jillian is one of the worlds greatest fitness expert and coach. I look at her as an phenomenal woman besides my mother. She has committed herself to helping so many people and still is to this day. The way she devotes herself to so many people to ensure their healthy and fit is amazing. Stay tuned to find out a shocking secret about Jillian Michaels and why she really started her weight loss journey. 

A Look Into Jillian’s Weight Loss Program And Fitness App

Jillian Michaels Weight Loss Program is so exclusive. Here is the following information on the program and it’s membership benefits: 

  • 14.99/mth
  • 29.99/mth
  • 99.99/mth

Before actually joining the program and paying any monthly fees, it would be in your best interest to take full advantage of the 7 day free trial.  It’s best to get familiar with the program to determine whether or not it’s a good fit for you before you join the program. If joining the program and it is not a good fit, you can still cancel at anytime whether you’re paying monthly or going through the 7 day free trial. You can access this program also by downloading the app from the Google Play Store on your smartphone device (IPhone and Android). The name of the app is called My Fitness by Jillian Michaels. When you plug into the fitness app, you’re going to get instant access to personalized fitness, 550+exercises in HD, a choice to workout anywhere, motivation, and support. With or without equipment, Jillian is going to get you slim, burning fat, toned, and sweating. You can get all this done through your smartphone, tablet, and any streaming device that you may have. Here are some features that comes along with the program. 

Free 7 Minute Workout:

  • Abs, Cardio, and Total Body Burn
  • Track Progress
  • Target certain areas
  • HIIT Workout
  • Change the music beat to match workout
  • Booty and Abs
  • Beginner
  • Post Pregnancy
  • 5K Challenge
  • Weight Loss

Why Not Cut Down On The Fat And Lose Weight With Jillian Michaels Which Means…

  •  No JUNK!
  • Get plenty of rest
  • Implement a healthy diet
  • Choose a workout you enjoy 
  • Slow down on drinking alcohol
  • 80% food/20% snack
  • Change up your eating habits
  • Don’t over eat
  • Exercise, Exercise, Exercise

Here Are Some Goals You Can Set For 2019-2020

Understand that when your body reduces energy that’s being absorbed and increase the energy you expand, you’ll see your body drop in inches and pounds. 

Distinguish the two (diet and exercise). You have 75% of weight loss and 25% diet. Diet want work alone to help you lose weight. Exercise and diet works together to release calories in the body. You should most definetly consider this while trying to lose weight. It makes alot of sense.

Have a purpose for wanting to lose weight. Let this be your ammunition for jump starting your weight loss journey.

Create an agenda for reaching your goal and the achievement you want to recieve. Always have a game plan in place.

Stay motivated and never give up. Work even harder!

Getting the proper amount of rest plays a major role in losing weight. Keep this in mind.


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  • Don’t binge eat
  • Count your calorie intake
  • Be careful what you eat. Always read the labels to avoid chemical intake.
  • Exercise daily and do a variety of exercises that interest you
  • Include some high intensity workouts
  • Set goals and stick to it
  • Strengthen muscles
  • Burn calories

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Learn How Jillian Michaels Effective Diet Will Benefit YOU Today

Jillian’s diet is a complete package. It’s full of nutrients. This diet can help many people lose weight along with some very moderate exercising. I love the way this diet works. It helps get rid of processed foods and detoxify your body. The Jillian’s diet plan is very strict. Instead of a variety of foods to choose from there will only be certain food choices. I highly recommend you to speak with your physician before starting Jillian’s diet and exercise routine especially if you’re new to working out. Pregnant women should definitely remain cautious and seek approval by your physician first before beginning any diet or exercise.


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Final Say

Did you know that Jillian was obsessed as a kid on obesity and was on the heavy weight side? This was one of the reasons that inspired her to start her own journey to help others like yourself. I think this says a lot about Jillian Michaels and her courage to help people overcome similar issues she experienced as a child. The program has been proven to work for so many people. In order to see results you have to workout, believe, and stay consistent. However, results do vary from person to person. Be a believer because anything is possible once you put your mind into achieving something. I hope you enjoyed this article. Give Jillian Michaels Program a try. You just might be amazed. Feel free to comment below or ask questions. 





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  1. Excellent work and especially the research showing different options to get results. I found especially it captivating since I, too, am working on losing this gut.

    You’ve touched on the complete body workout as well as specific diet and exercises for cardio as well as belly fat.

    And you have some information for us folks over 50. Sweet. Great job and keep at it. We’ll both get there.


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