It Works Body Wraps – Gets You Results In Just 45 Minutes

Have you guys heard the big talk about this crazy wrap thing all over social media? This crazy wrap thing has become the new talk of many people who have tried it, seen people get results from it, curious by it and are so shocked by its effectiveness.

What Is This Crazy Wrap Thing All About?

Well this crazy wrap thing is the Ultimate Body Applicator. It is a herbal body wrap that you can apply anywhere from the chin down (preferably your belly if this is your target area) to tighten, tone, and firm the skin where you need it most in as little as 45 minutes! At this point, I know you’re probably like (huh) in 45 minutes that’s impossible? Yes! It actually gives you results in 45 minutes!

The body applicator comes in a pack of 4 wraps. May I remind you that these body applicators are not like regular wraps that you would buy out the store. The body applicators are infused with a powerful botanically based cream formula and in the form of a cloth.

Great Tips For Getting The Best Results Using The Wrap Body Applicator

Keep in mind that this is not some magic potion or miracle wrap. Yes! This wrap works and you will see and get results from it but please make sure that you are maintaining a healthy diet, doing light to moderate exercises on a daily basis, and use this wrap body applicator with other It Works products like the FatFighter, Greens, Cleanse, or either the Thermofight for only the best results. If you’re doing all this and consistently, then you’re going to get dramatic results.

Here Is How You’re Going To Use The Wrap Body Applicator:

  1. Take a before pic of yourself! (it’s a great way to track your results and progress from wrapping yourself and seeing how you looked before wrapping)
  2. Choose an area on your body that you want to lose weight in. In this case it’s going to be the belly.
  3. Make sure your belly is clean which mean no fumes or soap because this will not work. Regular water is fine for washing off the skin.
  4. Open the packet, unfold the wrap (be careful it has cream on it), and place the side of the wrap with the cream on it to your body ( for example your belly). You will feel a burning/tingling sensation. This is normal. This tingling sensation means that the wrap is working.
  5. Carefully smooth out the wrap making sure it has good contact with your skin. Since this wrap is not like an average wrap that you would buy out the store, you’ll need to hold it in place with either an Works fab wrap that’s long/secure and cost only five bucks, wrap foil, or either tight clothing. Either one will work fine but with my wraps I use the fab wrap, it holds longer and better when I leave it on longer than 45 mins). Please drink plenty of water during the time of wearing the wrap!
  6. Wear the wrap for a minimum of 45 minutes or longer for even better results. If you’re using this wrap for the very first time, I would recommend just using it for 45 minutes to test your skin sensitivity. It’s best to be safe than sorry.
  7. After 45 minutes is up, you can now remove the wrap, and rub in the cream left on you from the wrap.
  8. Snap your after picture and see your results from your 45 minute wrap (to take the before and after pics using the wrap body applicator, you can download the wrap app on your Android & IPhone devices). If you need guidance doing this, reach out to me by commenting below or sending me a personal message

The work of this wrap is not done just because the timer has stopped and you have removed the wrap. What I really like about this crazy wrap thing  is that it is actually still working while the wrap is off ( the cream from the wrap is actually doing the rest of the work). The tingling you feel when the wrap is on is how you feel when it’s off. It’s unbelievable because It Works wrap really does work!

In Case You’re Wondering How Often To Use The Wrap…

Use the wrap body applicator every 72 hours and if you use and download the wrap app, it will help you keep track of when you start your next wrap session. Apply the It Works Defining Gel ( tones, tightens, and firm your skin) daily in between using this wrap and be sure to drink lots of water to stay hydrated while wrapping. The defining gel is known to give excellent results in between wrapping.

Final Say

The body wrap applicator is working wonders for me and I love it. However, in order to know how well the wrap will work for you you’ll have to first try it yourself. I can personally say off personal experience that the wrap body applicator really does work because I wrap myself and others in my hometown locally (I’m a Wrap Boss I wrap people daily from my home).

The results speak for itself and I have witnessed it. Once again, this wrap can be use anywhere other than the stomach from chin down. For those of you that has tried the wrap and it worked/works, I’m so happy for you. If you haven’t tried the wrap body applicator and would like to, you can visit It Works website and get your wrap body applicator and start wrapping away today and getting results in 45 minutes and also learn how you can become a Wrap Boss as well. 

For any questions, feel free to comment below or send me a personal message. Have a blessed day!





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