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A detox smoothie is a drink mixed with fresh vegetables and fruit. It can expel toxins from your body and help you lose those pounds that you have been dreading to lose. A smoothie is made with a blender in the comfort of your home in the kitchen. A detox smoothie is actually a healthy drink to have. It consist of vitamins, antixiodants, fiber, proteins, and nutrients. This is beneficial to detoxifying your body. What other the way to eat healthy and cleanse your system from harmful toxins drinking a healthy delightful smoothie. 

Make A Detox Smoothie Like This…

If you have never made a smoothie, you don’t have to worry. It’s very simple! Here is how you make a smoothie:

  • blender
  • add in your ingredients
  • blend it all together

When choosing your ingredients make sure it’s fresh and organic. You don’t want to take in any toxins while detoxifying your body. 

Here Are Some Basic Smoothie Ingredients That You Can Use

  • frozen fruit
  • bananas (makes the smoothie thick and it is good for potassium
  • juice (unless you’re using fresh fruit then you can skip this)
  • dairy or non dairy (milk, almond milk, soy milk)
  • you can add in an supplement if you like (vitamins, probiotics)
  • if adding a sweetener I suggest honey

This Is How You’ll Know A Smoothie Is Healthy If It Contains….

  • make your own smoothie
  • plenty of ice
  • whole fruit
  • nonfat dairy products
  • veggies
  • omega 3
  • no sugar
  • healthy fats

Can Smoothies Help You Lose Weight? 

This is actually a good question. In my personal opinion, smoothies are really good for weight loss. The reason why I say this is because of the ingredients you add to the smoothies. You are in control of the ingredients you add to your smoothie. Whether its a fruit, a supplement, or a nonfat dairy product, the choice is yours. This brings me to say why it’s actually important to make your own smoothies. You know exactly what you want and how much you want. 

Smoothies are low in calories and can keep you full for a while. In the end, it’s all about making the right smoothies that’s great in taste and effective for weight loss. It’s important to pick the right ingredients by all means. It doesn’t take long to learn how to make a smoothie and add in all the right ingredients. As you keep reading, I am going to expose how you can drink a smoothie and lose weight right now.

Smoothies can help you lose weight because of all the good nutrients from the ingredients you use. All of this is mixed inside your cup. Once you learn how to effectively make a smoothie, you’ll learn how to include protein, complex carbohydrates, healthy fats, vitamins, and most of all nutrients. For the best results, you can include elements that can boost weight loss by increasing your metabolic rate, giving you more energy, and filling you up for hours.

I am going to list what you can put  in your smoothie to get you the weight loss results you’re looking for. The ingredients is as follows:

  • Avocado (they supply ample healthy fat, which will keep you satiated and satisfied until your next meal, and a lot of health promoting vitamins and minerals).
  • Berries (they are high in fiber, which helps to keep you full, and antioxidants for your overall health)
  • Cayenne Peppers (This spice not only adds a kick to your smoothie, it also boosts your weight loss capability and curbs your appetite)
  • Cinnamon (popular spice helps regulate blood sugar levels by improving the metabolism of glucose. This results in a reduction of the amount of excess blood glucose that can be stored as fat
  • Coconut Oil (keeps you satiated, energized, and feeling good)
  • Healthy Fats (Healthy fats are vital to your overall health and help keep you satiated for hours)
  • Leafy greens (high in fiber)
  • Stevia (zero-calorie sweetener comes from a plant and is free from the side effects and possible risks of artificial sweeteners)

Ingredients To Avoid When Making A Smoothie

  • canned fruits
  • canned vegetables
  • dairy 
  • fruit juice
  • protein powders
  • sweeteners

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How Often Should You Drink A Detox Smoothie

A detox smoothie should be taken as often as possible. A smoothie contains a lot of calories. Did you know a smoothie has more calories than a normal meal? Yes it really does. This can result in some major weight loss if you think about it and drink it often. The main key to drinking a smoothie is making it a replacement with all of your meals.


A detox smoothie is very healthy. Implement a smoothie in your diet. You can try replacing your meals with a smoothie and enjoy that delicious taste it brings.  Keep in mind in order to lose weight your calorie intake got to be less than your normal meals. Smoothies are nutritional and can balance your diet. It can keep you hydrated, regulate bowel movements, serve as an natural cleansing, and many other perks. A smoothie can also make you hungry afterwards so you may want to turn to a snack. Learn here on how to eat healthy snacks. Have any questions? Drop a comment below.

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